Catalyst Calendar

The Columba Catalyst Calendar offers browser-based access to all our future events content, from company results through economic indicators to trade shows and market holidays. Users can easily search the data, and can set up portfolios of the companies and markets that are of specific interest, speeding their access to information that affects their business. Search data by sector, index, exchange, country, portfolio or company.

Data Feeds

With the Columba Systems Future Events Data Feed, customised financial data is delivered on a regular basis, daily or intra-daily, to customers through an XML feed.

The data is delivered in FutureML, an XML mark-up language developed by Columba Systems specifically for future events data. The data, which is indexed by ISIN, is available in tailored data sets.

Exchange Integration

Exchange Integration provides investment managers, traders and sales with a single calendar solution to track company results and other events for their portfolios comingled with their own calendar events. Changes and additions to events are automatically updated into your calendar. The secure service works over Outlook Web Access (OWA) with webDAV. No software is installed behind the firewall or on the Microsoft Exchange© servers.